The Unity Care Process

If you’ve never had to arrange homecare before, you might wonder what’s involved. How do you know what level of service is available and what you will need? Here at Unity, we have a carefully developed 8-stage process to make sure your care plan is comprehensive and tailored to meet your exact needs and expectations.

  • 1. Your Enquiry

    Unity works with private clients as well as Social Services and Clinical Commissioning Groups. This means you can contact us direct. You don’t need to be referred by a doctor, hospital or other healthcare agency.

  • 2. Home Visit

    The next stage is a home visit. One of our experienced managers or assessors will visit your home to discuss the sort of care package you’re considering. We will need to know who else is involved because it’s important we work closely with you, your family and your other health professionals.

  • 3. Assessment by a Qualified Nurse

    After the home visit, we will arrange for one of our qualified nurses to carry out an assessment of the person to be cared for. The assessment might take place at home, or perhaps in hospital. They will ask a lot of questions about health, mobility and other relevant aspects of daily life which will

  • 4. Selection of Suitable Nurses and Care Support Workers

    This part of the process is very important. You will have a close relationship with your care team, so we work with you to make sure we select the right people. For example, you might prefer to have an all-female team of carers. Other people might prefer to have a man about the house. We

  • 5. Implementation of Your Care Package

    Once your care plan is agreed, we go to work. In the early days, our managers make weekly visits to fine tune your care plan. It’s important everyone is happy and pleased with the service. Most importantly, we check your care plan is meeting your needs.

  • 6. Regular Visits by Your Care Manager

    Once your care plan is up and running, one of our managers makes regular visits to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • 7. Regular Reviews

    Everyone’s needs change. So our managers carry out regular reviews to make sure your care plan is still meeting your current needs.

  • 8. 24-hour Support

    Even with the most comprehensive care plan, the unexpected can happen. That’s why when you choose Unity, you have 24-hour support built-in. We understand organising home care can be a stressful experience. That’s why our team at Unity do everything possible to make it easier for you.  If you have concerns or need any help,