Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

We believe we have a social responsibility to give something back to our communities.

We like to choose a charity that is not mainstream and has a more personal touch so one can really see where the donation will make a difference.

We were thinking about what charity to donate to and our thoughts turned to Covid 19 and how hard it has been for everyone when we are all stuck at home more during the lockdowns and the Tiers and the extra pressures this has on us and our families.

Many of us are lucky to have homes that are our safe havens, and are in relationships that are supportive during these challenging times but what about those whose homes are not safe? Their home is not a safe haven now nor before Covid 19 lockdowns. What unimaginable difficulties they must be experiencing. Where could they go escape domestic abuse  during Covid 19?

With this in mind, we came across RBWA a small independent charity based in the south east dedicated to changing the lives of women and children fleeing abuse. Founded in 1984, they have provided safety and freedom for around 2000 women and 3000 children.  They have 3 refuges for women and children fleeing severe domestic abuse.  On average a family stays with them for 6 months in which they offer wrap around care and a holistic support package.

A sobering thought we were told was that all of the families in their care at risk of being murdered if they were to remain in the family home! Recent data showed that in 2019 for every one space available in their refuge they had 4.13 referrals for that space but last year for every one space available in their refuge they had 9.19 referrals!  This demonstrates a massive 150% increase last year.  We are sure you will agree these are shocking statistics that shows the sad reality that more refuge spaces are desperately needed.

Unity Care Solutions are very proud to be donating £5000 to this charity, to support the amazing work they do.

If you wish to learn more about the work this amazing charity does, here is their link

The Care Worker Charity who support current and former care workers with one-off crisis grants.

Frontline19 who provide free & confidential psychological support for all people working in the NHS & frontline services in the U.K

A special thank you to

Keystone Safety who kindly donated  a Moldex Bitrex Fit Testing kit when we were unable to purchase any due to the unprecedented demands for this equipment because of Covid 19.  This very generous gesture enabled us to face fit all our staff who carry out Aerosol Generated Procedures on some of our most vulnerable clients.  Without this donation, we would have been unable to provide staff in the home leaving the client’ and their families without the vital support they have.

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